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BBF Can Help You

Whether you desire to ​

  • Enhance you athletic skills, sports performance, physique and muscle

  • Compete in a 5K or first 1/2 marathon

  • Improve your fitness scores or define and sculpt your muscle

  • Build muscle strength & endurance

  • Lose weight

Whatever your situation and goals might be, I am the trainer for you! I will customize a fitness program and motivate you towards achieving your health and fitness goals.

A Bit About Josiah, Beast Bro Fitness

*Graduate from Grand Canyon University-Exercise Science with an emphasis in Sports Performance

*Build a custom plan based on specific health needs, schedule & fitness goals

*Give the tools to transform mind & body

*Influence more mindful decisions pertaining to good health and to achieve unique goals while utilizing personal strengths and overcoming personal weaknesses

*Provide motivation to reach new heights in fitness goals

*Speak at various functions to motivate your team and/or clients


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